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Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon

The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon’s nearly 135-year legacy signifies strength, balance and consistency. The Sisters, and their sponsored-ministries of Valley Catholic School and Maryville, represent a robust circle, complete with life-affirming experiences for all. The Sisters are grateful for the opportunities to respond to the needs of the day during these rapidly changing times. Now, more than ever, the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon’s mission plays a critical role in the community and in our lives. The Sisters’ commitment to service through faith and action is made possible when you give to the Annual Fund.

Valley Catholic School

For nearly 120 years, Valley Catholic School has provided excellence in education to students from all walks-of-life. During these rapidly changing times, Valley Catholic School’s commitment to its mission is stronger than ever. VCS prepares students for an ever-changing world, and while the current circumstances are temporary, the gift of a VCS education lasts a lifetime! The Annual Fund helps make impactful, life-affirming journeys possible.


As a sponsored-ministry of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, Maryville continues its more than 50-year legacy of providing essential healthcare services. Now more than ever, Maryville plays a critical role in the lives of our loved ones. During these rapidly changing times, Maryville’s professional staff remain steadfast, consistent and devoted to the well-being of every resident. Gifts to the Annual Fund assure that those who call Maryville home receive exemplary care and Service with Love all day, every day.

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